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Our mission

Here at Wild Planet Trust, we have a very important mission.

We act to protect at-risk animals and plants from the impacts of biodiversity loss in order to

Help Halt Species Decline

We focus on helping humans understand how to live in harmony with nature

Pink pigeon at Paignton Zoo

We believe that…

Every species is important

Everything is connected

Every action matters

We bring our mission to life through our START programme, which shapes who we are and what we do:

S = Safe havens

We identify, improve and create safe havens for threatened species both here in the UK and abroad.

T = Togetherness

We work together with community and project partnerships to create deep, long-lasting change.

A = Action

We take action to protect and establish sustainable habitats, such as protecting seagrass meadows in Tor Bay, and promoting the use of sustainable palm oil in food and household products.

R = Research

We conduct research to advance animal welfare and conservation science.

T = Talk

We talk to people about the vital nature of our work and show them how they can make real, achievable change in their own lives and communities.

We know that thinking about how to tackle climate change, conservation and species decline can be overwhelming, but we can all START somewhere. Are you ready to join us?