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Avian Flu Update

Following the announcement that an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone has been declared across the country, Newquay Zoo has implemented various measures to mitigate the risk of the spread of the disease. We are currently not in a high risk zone, however the number of cases across the UK is expected to grow. In addition to our routine biosecurity procedures, we will be implementing stricter control measures in accordance with government guidelines, including additional footbaths and enhanced cleaning measures.

From Monday 29th November, foot bath mats will be in place at the entrance and exit to our indoor and walkthrough bird enclosures. For Newquay Zoo, this will be the Tropical House and Gems of the Jungle. Please help us keep our birds safe by using these precautions as directed.

The risk to our collection is high as we hold many important and endangered species. However, the risk to public health from the H5N8 and H5N2 strains of bird flu is very low. Some strains of avian influenza can pass to humans, but this is very rare. It usually requires very close contact between the human and infected birds.