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Pink pigeon conservation in paradise

In 2014, Tom was first invited to assist the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation's (MWF) conservation efforts for pink pigeons. The MWF is the largest non-governmental organisation in Mauritius dedicated exclusively to conserving and preserving the nation's endangered plant and animal species,…

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Saving Slapton’s Strapwort

Small, dainty, and unassuming, Strapwort (Corrigiola litoralis) is often missed by passers by. But this plant has a lot riding on its shoulders. Whilst it is commonly found across Europe, Asia and Africa, there is only one place Strapwort is…

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Code red for the planet

It was Halloween a few days ago. Despite the horror films, and the endless procession of kids dressed up as witches, zombies, and Demogorgon’s, the scariest bit of the day didn’t actually take place after dark. Instead, it happened at…

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Paignton Zoo Orang-utan

Take action this World Orang-utan Day!

Orang-utans are critically endangered in the wild, but did you know that there is one simple way you can help protect their habitats? Wild orang-utans have global legal protection, however they are still critically endangered and face many threats. Along…

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