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Newquay Zoo's Tapirs & Tapas event

Come dine with our Brazilian tapirs

We’re offering the unique opportunity to visit after hours, eat delicious tapas and even to feed our Brazilian tapirs at an exclusive ‘Tapirs & Tapas’ evening.

This special event, which takes place on Friday 27 May, will be the first time that Newquay Zoo has opened its doors after hours since the pandemic.

The intimate evening will give visitors the chance to find out more about our three tapirs: Al Capone, Emily and their son Shaun. The evening will also be led by the people that know them best – their keepers.

Brazilian tapirs are classed as Vulnerable in the wild as they suffer from excessive hunting and habitat loss due to deforestation. However, Newquay Zoo is involved in a breeding programme which has seen great success with two baby tapirs born since 2018, including their son Shaun who was born in 2020.

Tapirs are typically found in wet forests and grasslands in South America and are great swimmers. They often use their prehensile snouts as snorkels when diving deeper, and can close their nostrils to avoid letting water in.

Tracey Twomey, Senior Keeper, said: “Tapirs are fascinating creatures and all three of ours here at Newquay Zoo have big personalities. I am so excited that visitors will get the opportunity to get to know them better.”

The Tapirs & Tapas evening will take place from 6pm to 8pm. Tickets cost £30 per person and the event is suitable for everyone aged 8 and above.