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COP26 statement from Wild Planet Trust

Today marks the start of COP26: the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow.

Here at Wild Planet Trust we believe that every species is important. We believe that everything is connected and that every action matters. The climate crisis poses an existential threat; not only to the species we work to protect and the habitats that they call home, but to us as human beings and the communities we are all part of.  We believe that by working together, and by focussing on helping people to understand how to live in harmony with nature, we can act to protect biodiversity and create a sustainable future. We can all ‘do our bit’ to live more sustainably and as a conservation charity we aim to engage and inspire our visitors to do just that. COP26 presents an opportunity (perhaps the last) for world leaders to be bold and do their bit. To act before it’s too late and make the commitments necessary to protect nature for generations to come. The next 2 weeks will be critical and there is much to be done. We hope to look back on COP26 as a turning point, where decisions were made, new directions were forged, and a temperature rise of 1.5°C was kept in reach.