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Unique educational opportunities

When Herbert Whitley – founder of Paignton Zoo – first opened the gates a century ago, he did so with the firm intention of creating a unique educational opportunity for every visitor. Since then, education has remained at the heart of our work, which now spans two zoos, three nature reserves and multiple international projects.

Whether it’s the engaging talks, signage and experiences enjoyed by our visitors, or the innovative workshops for schools, colleges and universities, encouraging people to discover the natural world is what we do; it’s the reason we exist.

Thousands of students – from the youngest primary school pupils to those specialising in postgraduate research – learn with us every year. Plan your visit today.


Bring your primary class for a day out at one of our zoos and let us inspire a love for the natural world while bringing your classroom learning to life.

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Your secondary students will love developing their creative and critical-thinking skills while exploring our zoos.

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Further Education

Our offerings for further education students bring subjects to life through thought-provoking, challenging and immersive activities.

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Our workshops, lectures and placement opportunities can help to deepen students’ knowledge and provide a real insight into the types of careers available once they’ve graduated.

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Postgraduate research

We are very keen to support postgraduate research that helps with our overall aim of helping to halt species decline.

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We have a range of exciting, engaging resources for Early Years, KS1 and KS2 students for you to use in your own learning environments.