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Supporting species-saving research

One of the key aims of Wild Planet Trust is the promotion of scientific research to help halt species decline.

With this in mind, we are very keen to support postgraduate research in a range of ways.

MSc/PgDip in Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Biology

In 2004, we started working with the University of Plymouth to develop the MSc/PgDip in Zoo and Aquarium Conservation Biology, with the aim of helping students to develop the understanding and skills needed for a career in zoos and wildlife conservation.

This highly successful programme is delivered at both the University of Plymouth and at Paignton Zoo. It has proven to be an extremely successful springboard for many graduates in a wide range of industry roles.

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University of Exeter

We deliver a range of modules at the University of Exeter, along with special lectures and projects, across a range of subjects.


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Student research projects

We welcome research projects in a wide range of subjects, providing they fall under one of the following categories:

  • Ex-situ conservation
  • In-situ conservation
  • Education and advocacy
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Placement opportunities

Our 10-month voluntary research placement programmes are an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable skills in the areas of ecology, conservation and animal behaviour. The placements help to provide an excellent footing for professions in zoos and conservation.