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Primary and EYFS

Bringing topics to life

A visit to one of our zoos offers a fantastic day of experiences that will bring your curriculum topic to life: your pupils can see and hear living examples of the plants, animals and habitats that they are learning about back at school.

Read on to see how we can help shape your school’s visit to one of our zoos.

Meet and greet

We’ll begin your visit by meeting you on arrival and giving you a short welcome, complete with important information, all the latest zoo news and a special challenge for your pupils!

Linked learning

We deliver sessions that complement your classroom curriculum teaching so that your pupils get the very most out of the day. Examples include:

Paignton Zoo
Watch our giraffes feeding on branches while you’re learning how adaptations like long tongues and necks allow them to reach food that other animals can’t.

Newquay Zoo
Spot our penguins swimming underwater to learn how their aerodynamic shape and counter-shading feathers help them to avoid predators.

Mini sessions

As part of our schools bookings, we offer a free 20-minute mini-session based at one of our enclosures. This format complements classroom learning back at school, using our animals and natural exhibits to illustrate key points.

These sessions not only give children the chance to see our animals and learn more about them, they also encourage pupil observation and participation in a relaxed and informal setting.

Classroom workshops

If you’d prefer an indoor activity, we can offer a range of sessions in our education centre at a small additional charge of £30.

Click below to find out about our indoor learning options.

KS1 African Safari (40 mins):
Take a trip around the amazing continent of Africa by investigating artefacts connected with African species in this fun treasure hunt.

KS1 Remarkable Rainforests (40 mins):
Take a closer look at tropical forests around and the incredible animals and plants that are found there.

Please note that there is a maximum of 32 pupils per session. May not be available June–July.

KS2 Skeletons and Movement (40 mins):
This active workshops encourages pupils to identify and compare several types of animal skeletons, exploring possible ways of movement and special adaptations

KS2 Remarkable Rainforests (40 mins):
Find out why rainforests are so important, why they are threatened and how we can help protect them.

KS2 Conservation Conundrum (40 mins):
Pupils will be challenged to work together and solve puzzles to save wildlife in this escape-room-style adventure.

Early Years & KS1 Playful Penguins (40 mins):
Learn about the places that penguins call home, and find out how their amazing adaptations help them to stay alive. Why are penguins so heavy, and how do they keep their eggs warm?

KS2 Plastic Oceans (40 mins):
Investigate the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans by sorting through material collected in a recent beach clean and hunting for nurdles in our fun challenge.

Please note that there is a maximum of 32 pupils per session. May not be available June–July.

Book now

To make a booking and discuss what we can offer you, please email or ring us today. All the information you require for a visit, including risk assessment guidelines, will be emailed to you after booking.