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Marathon runner Franziska Bullimore ‘Im doing this for our children’

Franziska Bullimore has entered the 2020 Virgin Money London Marathon on behalf of conservation charity Paignton Zoo. Franziska, who has a background in working with animals herself, said: “I’m doing this for our children, for the next generation, in the hope that they will still be able to see amazing plants and animals in the world. It’s about respect for the environment. This is my little contribution.”

She and her husband Paul live in Weymouth, where he runs a company called ‘Zooscapes’; a team of designers, engineers and artists specialising in theming aquariums, zoos, museums and theme parks.

This will be her first UK marathon, though she has completed three in her home city of Berlin since she started running just five years ago. Coincidentally, the marathon in April is 42 kilometres – and she’ll be 42 in August. She is aiming for a time under 4 hours.

“I’m determined, even stubborn, so once I start something I don’t give up! Running is an escape from my busy life. Running a marathon for a deserving charity – especially a smaller one – helps to motivate you and get you over the line. It’s a mental as well as physical race.”

Franziska, who is registered for the race under her maiden name of Franzi Kunert, says the couple’s children, aged 6 and 8, run, too, and are growing up with a healthy respect for the wild world. Her Virgin Money Giving page can be found here.

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