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Past Projects

We have also worked in the following locations, helping to champion and support the conservation of a range of species.

We continue to maintain links with our project partners through the conservation breeding programmes at our zoos.

Aders Duiker

Aders’ duiker

See how we’ve helped to support the survival of Aders’ duiker in Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, Kenya.

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Pink pigeon

Discover how we’ve provided guidance and support to help pink pigeons to come back from the brink of extinction in Mauritius.

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Owston’s civets

Look at how we’ve helped Owston’s civets in Vietnam and abroad, through ground-breaking research and breeding programmes.

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Sulawesi crested macaque

Learn about our work establishing conservation projects in Sulawesi and managing breeding programmes across more than 20 European zoos.

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Vietnam pheasant

Read more about how we supported the recovery of Vietnam pheasants.

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