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Primley Park

Conservation beyond our zoos

When we say that we believe conservation belongs at home, we really mean it. Primley Park was once the extended back garden of Primley House – the home of Paignton Zoo’s founder Herbert Whitley.

Primley is open to the public for everyone to enjoy.

Holly blue butterfly Primley

A green escape

Primley Park once contained a group of impressive greenhouses, along with several kennels and aviaries, but since 1994, it has been a nature reserve open to the public.

As one of the few green areas in the centre of Paignton, it provides a valuable ‘green escape’ for local people and clearly demonstrates our commitment to conservation beyond our zoos.

Primley meadow wildflower bonanza min

Nature on your doorstep

Primley actually means ‘prime lea or meadow’, and with an abundance of wildflowers and orchids, the meadow is one of the park’s most impressive areas. There is also an orchard, containing a mix of heritage eating apples, pears and plums, while the surrounding woodland contains trees that are more than 200 years old. The woodland is a fantastic habitat for a host of native species, including fungi, beetles and other wildlife.

Discover Primley

Each season brings something new to Primley – from springtime bluebells and the scent of wild garlic, to the harvest of orchard fruits in the autumn.

Primley Park is just a short walk away from Paignton Zoo.

Directions: Totnes Road, Paignton, Devon, TQ4 7EU