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Paignton Zoo opens indoor exhibits & welcomes Kevin Foster MP

The zoo was pleased to welcome Kevin Foster MP on Monday. He spent time walking around the site and seeing some of the indoor exhibits and the changes that have taken place across the zoo.

Words from Kevin: “I am delighted the majority of Paignton Zoo’s indoor attractions have been able to re-open on Monday, including Crocodile Swamp, Amphibian Ark and Tropical Trails, which will be welcoming visitors for the first time in over a year. 

The zoo has been a much loved attraction for generations, but it relies on our support today to do its vital conservation work. I would urge all residents to make a date for a visit to show their support for it.”

While the zoo has been closed, the team has been busy making improvements to lots of areas of the zoo and visitors will be able to see a few changes when they arrive.

Reptile Tropics and the Desert House now have brand new names – ‘Tropical Trails’ and ‘Arid Lands’ – and visitors can see a wide range of amazing reptiles and birds; four of which highlight the essential role that zoos play in conservation. The continued survival of the pink pigeon, Bali starling, blue-crowned laughing thrush and Annam leaf turtle is largely or wholly dependent on the work of progressive organisations like Paignton Zoo. Guests can also see a range of new species that include the Nguru pygmy chameleon, Chinese crocodile lizard and grey breasted conure. Every reptile enclosure in Tropical Trails has been refurbished, with each species receiving new lighting, heating or additional space.

Lots of enclosures have also been refurbished in Bugs at Home, and visitors can now see our electric blue gecko and lyretail killifish. In our Amphibian Ark, visitors will soon be able to see seven new species; so watch this space! Crocodile Swamp has had a refresh too, with all of the pools being completely drained, cleaned and refilled.

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