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Paignton Zoo’s preparing to unveil new look for Easter

At the start of March Paignton Zoo’s skyline changed significantly with the removal of their former Brookside Aviary located near the zoo’s entrance. Now the netting and support poles have been taken away it has enabled visitors to really appreciate not only the change in the zoo’s physical landscape but also the zoo experience.  

“Our gardens team still have plenty to do in terms of replanting, but it’s already a much brighter and more welcoming entrance, and we’re looking forward to seeing the gardens develop as we head into summer,” said Steve Nash, Head of Campaigns and Programmes.

He continued: “It sounds a bit odd getting excited about a path, but the thing about paths is that they take you on a journey, and the new entrance pathway marks the beginning of a brand new journey for the zoo. One of the most striking features of the new walkway is not the path itself, but the new perspectives and views that it provides of the animals that live alongside it.” 

The first stage of their new Lakeside Walk is now nearly ready for use and will take visitors over the brook, round past the pileated gibbons and flamingos and on to the marabou storks and restaurant.

The new vantage points will enable visitors to obtain a new perspective on the gibbons; standing at ground level and looking up into the trees to appreciate how well adapted they are to life amongst the highest branches.

The second phase of this development is due for completion before the beginning of the summer holidays and this phase involves a continuation of the path along the Brook, past the big cats before emerging by the causeway opposite the gorillas. Here again, the perspectives and views of the animals that live here will be dramatically different. There will be a much longer view of the tiger paddock and the new view of the lions will be very imposing as they will be looking down on visitors from above.

The new developments and additions to Paignton Zoo’s animal collection continue with the introduction of dwarf mongoose and work is also underway redeveloping the former coati house for a new arrival which they hope to announce very soon. Plans for the transfer of Newquay Zoo’s African lions to Paignton are being finalised and there are a number of other new additions and developments to soon be announced. For all the latest updates please visit their Facebook page.

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