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Working in partnership

More than 40,000 species are currently at risk of extinction.

We are on a mission to help halt species decline, which is why we have formed a partnership with Nature’s SAFE, one of Europe’s first living biobanks.

Nature’s SAFE

Nature’s SAFE is dedicated to safeguarding the future of the natural world by preserving the live cells of endangered animals.
From its lab in Shropshire, UK, registered charity Nature’s SAFE uses unique processing and storage techniques that enable multiple tissues and reproductive cell samples to be stored in a living state at -196ºC. Once thawed, these living cells can be used in cell culture or in assisted reproductive technologies to create pregnancies in endangered species.

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Our involvement

Nature’s SAFE collects samples from animals that die or are neutered – in zoos like Paignton and Newquay – from tissue that would otherwise be thrown away. This partnership has provided an opportunity to add critical samples to the Nature’s SAFE biobank.

As well as working with Wild Planet Trust, Nature’s SAFE also works in collaboration with Chester Zoo and The Rhino Fertility Project at the University of Oxford. It is also supported by the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA) Biobank.

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