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Research projects

Sharing our knowledge and expertise

Research is an integral part of our mission to help halt species decline.

Our teams conduct and supervise research at both of our zoos, as well as via our field programmes in the UK and overseas.

Our focus

At our zoos, our research provides evidence that enables us to enhance the health and welfare of managed populations. Our goal is to provide safe havens for animal and plant species – both captive and wild.

Our work is focused on assessing animal welfare and other areas of interest that help us to promote high welfare standards, enhance habitats and monitor native species. We also work to evaluate visitor experiences, measuring how our actions help to influence people’s attitudes and behaviour around issues such as the use of sustainable palm oil and the conservation of seagrass in Tor Bay.

Working with local partners allows us to assess the impact of our conservation efforts. We work collaboratively together with external associates and local communities to bring them with us on our journey to living with nature.

Visiting researchers

We welcome visiting researchers at all of our sites, including both our zoos and our three Devon-based reserves. If you are interested, click below for further details.