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Visitor research

Visitor research – behaviour and engagement

This research aims to evaluate the public perception of, and barriers to, choosing products which contain sustainable palm oil.


Newquay Zoo is working with local businesses in the community to try and make Newquay a sustainable palm oil town, as part of the Sustainable Palm Oil Communities initiative started by Chester Zoo. An integral part of the campaign is designing effective conservation messaging for zoo visitors and the general Newquay public.

Initially this project aims to establish baseline data on variables such as knowledge of palm oil and general sustainability issues and engagement with the campaign. As the campaign moves forward the aim is to repeat data collection and quantify what impact the campaign has had on public perception of palm oil and engagement with sustainability issues.


Rozycka, M. (2023). Newquay as the first Sustainable palm oil town; let’s not palm this off. BIAZA Research Conference Poster Presentation.