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Did you know that the it costs more than £500,000 a year to feed all of the animals in our zoos?

And that’s not all. Providing exceptional animal care means investing a large amount of money in veterinary treatment, heating, cleaning and creating enriching living environments.

For as little as £35 a year, you can sponsor your favourite animal and help to cover these costs.

What’s included?

A certificate of sponsorship

A photograph of your chosen animal

Facts about the species

A thank you letter

Your name displayed in the zoo for 12 months


We also offer a range of special gift boxes, with options for both adults and children.

Paignton Zoo

You can help to take care of a wide range of animals at Paignton Zoo, from tiny tree frogs to glorious gorillas. Begin your sponsorship today.

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Newquay Zoo

Newquay Zoo offers sponsorships for many of its best-loved animals, from sloths and spider monkeys to ring-tailed lemurs and red pandas. Begin your sponsorship today.

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