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Paignton Zoo Orang-utan

Take action this World Orang-utan Day!

Orang-utans are critically endangered in the wild, but did you know that there is one simple way you can help protect their habitats?

Wild orang-utans have global legal protection, however they are still critically endangered and face many threats. Along with being hunted for food or the pet trade, the biggest risk to orang-utans is the loss of habitat due to unsustainable palm oil production, along with illegal logging and agriculture. 

By choosing to buy palm oil that is grown sustainably, we can help stop the destruction of rainforests in places like Indonesia and Malaysia, where orang-utans are found. 

The solution

Sustainable palm oil.

But wait a minute? Isn’t palm oil bad?

Palm oil itself isn’t the problem. In fact, palm oil is a bit of a wonder plant, in that it produces a much higher yield than any other oil crop. If we stopped using palm oil, it would not only devastate the economies of many countries that rely on palm oil exports, but we’d have to use up to 10 times more space to grown other oils like soybean, sunflower or rapeseed. And, as palm oil is used in many foods and household products, boycotting it outright would mean destroying a whole lot more habitat.

That’s why we use sustainable palm oil throughout the zoo, and you can at home too!

The Impact Score app

You’ll find palm oil in thousands of products, and knowing which manufacturers use sustainable palm oil can be tricky. However, using the Impact Score app makes this easy.

Step 1. Download the Impact Score app via the App Store or the Google Play Store.

Step 2. Head to your local shop or supermarket.

Step 3. Scan an item using the app to see the product’s rating. They measure products across 14 different categories, including sustainability, animal welfare, health, nutrition and workers’ rights, as well as sustainable palm oil, to see the impact it’s having.

Step 4: If you’re product doesn’t include sustainable palm oil, then the app will suggest some more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

Step 5: Rest easy in the knowledge that your shopping isn’t supporting the destruction of rainforest habitats!

Our Sustainable Palm Oil Community

We’re encouraging local businesses, groups and organisations in Newquay to join us in making sure all of their products contain sustainable palm oil. Click below to find out more about the project, and how organisations can get involved.

Sustainable Palm Oil Community