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Nearby Nature

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Nearby Nature

What are we doing?

Of course, it isn’t just Wild Planet Trust projects that will help the wildlife and wild places of the South West. Conservation is something we can all be responsible for, and one of our key aims is to show our zoo guests how they can be conservation champions at home. When you visit our sites, you’ll see plenty of examples of how we are managing our sites for the benefit of conservation, and helping our native species of plants and animals. Importantly, you’ll also see how we can all work together to encourage wild life, and wild places, in our communities, homes, and gardens. From bug hotels and bird boxes, to log piles and butterfly friendly planting; there’s something for every location, from window box and upwards.

What can you do?

Spend more time in nature! If you have a garden, look at ways that you can provide homes for wild species and encourage them to live nearby. There are lots of ideas around the zoo or you can …

Download our Wild at Home guide to bringing nature nearer.

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