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Wild Planet Trust raises £25,000 for Ukraine

Following last weekend’s fundraising efforts, Wild Planet Trust, the charity which operates both Paignton and Newquay Zoo, is incredibly pleased to announce that they have raised around £25,000 in donations to support the Ukrainian Zoo Community.

One-hundred percent of profits made over the weekend from their shops and restaurants went directly into this fund, as well as fifty percent of the income from ticket sales. Visitors were also able to donate an additional amount when they purchased their tickets and through collection tins and online.

Visitors to Paignton Zoo were given packets of sunflower seeds, kindly donated by Suttons Seeds, to plant at home – a widely regarded symbol of hope and peace and the national flower of Ukraine.

CEO of Wild Planet Trust, Dennis Flynn said “It was a fantastic weekend. We welcomed double the number of visitors to our zoos than we would usually expect at this time of year, and their support for this cause was phenomenal. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who came to see us and support the effort.”

The money raised will be going to support the animals in Ukrainian Zoos and the staff that look after them. While some zoos have been able to safely rehome animals including lions, tigers and wild cats, this is not be possible for many species due to the welfare implications of moving them under stressful conditions. Providing monetary donations will help to support the Ukrainian Zoo Community in continuing to provide care to their animals.

Dennis Flynn continued: “We are proud to stand with the people of Ukraine, with our many colleagues and friends in the country and with the animals in their care.”

Wild Planet Trust will provide more information about how this money is being used across its social media accounts and those of both Paignton and Newquay Zoo.

Wild Planet Trust is an education, scientific and conservation charity that co-ordinates projects both in the UK and in multiple locations internationally.