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Zoo welcomes crowned lemur baby

Just a few weeks before the zoo re-opened to guests, the latest addition was born to mum Beloha and dad Xavier on 14th June. The conservation charity is home to a small group of crowned lemurs. Beloha is keeping her unnamed and unsexed youngster close for the time being, however guests may be able to catch a glimpse of them amongst the trees in the Madagascan Walkthrough exhibit. The infant will become independent at around six months of age.

Once a crowned lemur reaches adulthood they can be easily identified through their colouration. Females are predominantly grey with an orange head, while males are a reddish-brown with a dark black and orange head. The orange crown pattern on the top of their heads, is where the ‘crowned’ name comes from.

Crowned lemurs (Eulemur coronatus) are classified as an Endangered species, with numbers in the wild decreasing. This primate is under threat from habitat loss by forest fires, cultivation, logging and development, which has substantially affected their native range in northern Madagascar. The arrival of this new baby is really important, as it is a great effort towards the conservation of this Endangered species.

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